The History of the Farm


Located on the fertile river flats of the Yarra Valley, just 50 kilometres from Melbourne, Spring Creek Farm is the brain child of Samantha Cesnik and Chris Height. As FEI riders they have set out to create a world class training facility for themselves and clients to enjoy. The property and its facilities have been meticulously planned and built by Sam and Chris, with the aim to have a beautiful and welcoming training environment.

The property was purchased in 2006 by the Height Family, Sam and Chris took the reins in 2014 and began development of the facility. The indoor arena has been a long-standing landmark, and has been rejuvenated with a new imported textile surface, first class lighting and sprinkler systems. The stables and tie up areas are brand new with hard wood fronts on all boxes and steel cross ties under a skillion roof, designed with light and airflow in mind. Over two and a half kilometres of new horse safe fencing has been installed, along with day yards, paddocks and shelters.

Bio Security has been kept in mind during property planning and the safety of horses has been paramount with fence selection. All fences consist of a hard wood top rail along with electric stand-off accompanied by three strands of horse safe, plastic coated, electrified wire. Laneways have been kept open and free to accommodate horse and vehicle movement as well as creating a break out space for riders to hack around the property.

The property is further blessed with access to nearby Broadies Rd via a private gate allowing for off property hacking down this one way, off road access track.

In 2018 the addition of the water treadmill allowed for expansion into equine rehabilitation, condition and injury care and this now forms a major part of Spring Creek under the banner ‘Spring Creek Care’.

We are proud of the farm and hope visitors enjoy it’s facilities as well as the culture of the stables and the horses within it.