Facility Overview

Located on the fertile river flats of the Yarra Valley, just 50 kilometers from Melbourne, Spring Creek Farm is the brain child of Samantha Cesnik and Chris Height. As FEI riders they have set out to create a world class training facility for themselves and clients to enjoy. The property and its facilities have been meticulously planned and built by Sam and Chris, with the aim to have a beautiful and welcoming training environment.  

Facility List

Indoor Arena 55m x 25m


Significant investment in our base and our surface has been made to ensure we have a world class training surface able to cope with the rigours of high level performance horse schooling on a daily basis. Our surface is an imported textile surface combining both Martin Collins textile, ‘Equitex’ and ‘Equilastic’ as well as double sifted fine river sand. Our no-drip sprinkler system keeps prevents dust to a minimum, thus improving air quality throughout the complex and also reducing shifting of surface. This arena allows you to confidently school your horse in any Olympic discipline, with the least possible impact on their long-term soundness.

Cross Country Course


Currently set up as a schooling facility from training to 1* level, our large selection of portable fences allows us to deal with specific horse and rider based cross-country challenges. Matched with excellent instruction, our permanent ditch, water and bank complexes make this course the solution to nearly every schooling issue.

Water Treadmill


Our treadmill is Australian made and thus complies with Australian building, engineering and steel standards. Water depth is completely controlled and ranges from 5cm to over 130cm, water is kept at a consistent temperature of 7 degrees however can be chilled as low as 2 degrees. Our water is managed using a combination of several stages of filtration, salt, magnesium (Epsom salts) and temperature. No chemicals (i.e. chlorine) are used to manage our water ensuring healthy skin and hooves and of course we see the benefits of magnesium for soft tissue recovery in every session. We are able to operate at a 10 degree incline allowing for increased hind end action and in dry sessions higher heart rates and the unit offers both walk and trot functionality.

Dry Treadmill


Our treadmill is fundamentally a fully functioning, rubber belted, dry treadmill and we utilise it accordingly. With a rubber belt to reduce concussion during dry work, emergency shut off button, incline function up to 10 degrees and speeds up to 16kph (fast trot), we are able to use a combination of dry work for rehabilitation and conditioning, as well as wet work and spa recovery.

360 Degree Chill Spa


Our 360 degree Epsom Salt Chill Spa helps to re-oxygenate lower limbs through massage, increasing blood flow for natural repair of soft tissue injury, splints and bone fractures. The gentle massaging effect, along with the increased oxygenation has also been linked to improvements in hoof growth, bruises, synovitis, arthritis and laminitis. Water is kept at a consistent temperature of 7 degrees however can be chilled as low as 2 degrees. Our water is managed using a combination of several stages of filtration, salt, magnesium (Epsom salts) and temperature.

Equine Solarium


Imported from Germany our equine solarium is built to the highest specifications with a heat resistant, reinforced plastic moulded frame and contoured to your horses body for even warming, with rounded edges to avoid injury. Infra-red lamps are recessed to prevent damage to horses and the front is raised to allow free movement of the horses neck. The unit boasts a combination of 22 infrared lamps and 4 circulation fans ensure an even and pleasant temperature over your horse. Find out more about the benefits of solarium use by selecting 'find out more' below.

Hardwood 4m x 4m Stables


Our indoor arena and undercover areas are built as one facility, allowing us free movement of horses and riders during all weather conditions without having to step outside. Half of our stables feature rubber flooring and adjoining steel sand yards giving us extra options for sick or injured horses.

Steel Day Yards


Five of our stables have adjoining steel day yards allowing for different housing options for horses in confinement or in need of temporary housing. 

Tack Room


We have a spacious tack room conveniently located directly across from our tie ups allowing for the least distance to carry saddles as possible! Our tack room offers the best in design and functionality and has even been featured in Horse Deals Magazine.

Hot Wash


Our 4m X 4m, hot/cold wash is located next to the cross ties and ensures each horse has a safe and positive wash bay experience. High quality rubber flooring reduces the risk of slipping and improves hygiene.

Cross Ties


Six steel cross ties with rubber non-slip flooring allow for safe and convenient tacking and un-tacking of horses, all six are generous in size ensuring the largest horse can comfortably turn around.

30 Private Paddocks


The farm is divided up into approximately 30 private paddocks, including some paddocks designed for stallions. All paddocks have electric waterers and most permanent paddocks have loose boxes and/or trees. Horse safety has been paramount in selecting fencing. All fences consist of a hard wood top rail with electric stand offs accompanied by three strands of horse safe, plastic coated, and electrified wire.

Hacking Out


To keep horses and riders refreshed, lane ways around the property have been kept open and free to accommodate horse and vehicle movement, as well as creating a break out space for riders to hack around the property. The property is further blessed with access to nearby Broadies Rd via a private gate allowing for off property hacking along this one way, off road, access track.

Laundry & Rug Room


Our laundry is also built with scale in mind. Multiple washing machines are available for use and extra storage is provided in the laundry for those endless odds and ends!

All over the world storage of rugs is a challenge; Sam and Chris have tackled this by having a large room, allocated solely to the storage of rugs.

Outdoor Showjumping Arena


We are constantly building and improving the facility and currently we have an outdoor show jumping arena under construction. This will be a sand-based surface with its own watering system. At 40m x 70m it’s large enough to accommodate even the most discerning show jumper.

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