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Looking for a horse can be very overwhelming and even in some cases emotional! We work through your wish list with you, assessing your goals, location, budget and ability to find the perfect equine partner. 

A basic outline of the process is below. For more information about how we can work with you and pricing please Contact Us directly. 

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Please note that when we source horses with clients we go far beyond what’s in our barn and access industry contacts world over to find the right horse for you. 

How it works



First we get together and asses your wish list, goals, strengths & weaknesses. 

Then we send a short list to you for assessment. 


Viewing Horses

Next we come with you to view suitable horses. We help you to assess a range of attributes like ability, suitability, behavior, conformation and type. 

Usually we suggest viewing horses more than once and in two different locations. 


Pre-purchase & Negotiation

We recommend every horse has at least a basic vet check performed on it. We work with you to find a suitable vet and understand the vet check report. 

We then work through final negotiation or price, pickup/delivery and handover. In most cases we are able to negotiate the value of our own fee out at this point. 

Ethics are important

Traditionally horse buying and selling is fraught with poor ethics. We run a very ethical sales barn and for this reason we don’t sell on commission. This enables us to honest when selling and recommend only the most suitable horses when working with clients as part of our horse sourcing service. This also means sellers don’t lose a proportion of their sale price to large commissions and costs are transparent for all parties. 

When sourcing a horse for clients we add a 10% commission to the final sale price, in many cases we are able to negotiate on behalf of clients making this commission more affordable. In return for this commission we support buyers through the selection, trailing, vetting and negotiation process. 

For more information about pricing please contact us, essentially for sales preparation each cost is on billed to the seller i.e.- transport, advertising costs, schooling fees. With the total sale price being retained, in full, by the seller.

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Better yet, see us in person!

We welcome you to come and watch us train, see the water treadmill in action or have a facility tour. We do request that you contact us, as per below, to make a booking though. 

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