We are proud to have an extremely competent senior team, supervised by Samantha (who holds a Ba. in Business/HR, a Diploma of Horse Management and teaches Horse Studies at TAFE) and Chris (who holds a Ba. of Animal Science and Management). This ensures we follow best practice and our staff are up to date with current research.

Senior Team


Chris Height - Head Trainer

Chris has forged a reputation as a highly regarded trainer and FEI rider, competing at 5* level eventing.

Honed under Andrew McLean at Equitation Science International, Chris has developed a uniquely effective and empathetic system. Chris works to produce young horses through to elite performance horses from breaking and retraining through to their highest competition potential.

A registered NCAS coach, Chris is well known for his logical and straightforward teaching methodology. Helping riders demystify the complex and develop into effective and forward-thinking riders.

 Chris teaches Showjumping and Cross Country from Spring Creek as well as taking horses for schooling and breaking in. 


Samantha Cesnik - Head Trainer

Samantha is a 3* FEI eventer and dressage rider. She has trained in as a dressage rider in Europe and has groomed at 5* level including the World Equestrian Games, Burghley 3DE and Adelaide 3DE.

Passionate about riders' having a clear understanding the effect of the application of the aids on the horses way of going, Samantha instils confidence through her concise instruction. She believes in the bigger picture, and encompasses the management of elite horses and riders from a health, nutrition and mental wellbeing perspective. 

Samantha has worked closely with Vets for many years and managed elite eventing horses for over 10 years. She takes this knowledge though to Spring Creek Care, working to build Rehabilitation and Fitness programs for all horses on the property, in conjunction with Vets and allied health professionals. 

Samantha teaches Dressage and Cross Country from Spring Creek as well as taking horses for schooling and managing the Rehabilitation side of the business.

Support Team

Willow Caccamo - Stable Manager



Current Vacancies

We have a current vacancy for a Working Student


Our business is growing rapidly and we are excited to be seeking a working student to join our small but hard working team. This important role will provide continuity of care for horses on a day to day basis supporting Chris, Sam, our Clients and our Property.

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Work Experience

We happily take school or university based work experience students. We only ask that you come with your horse and have one lesson at some point prior so we can meet you, and see you with your horse, to ensure we are happy to have you. If you’d like to proceed please contact us to book a lesson. Please let us know you are booking for a work experience lesson.

Please note, students need to be enrolled with an education provider to be eligible for work experience. Without this there is no insurance to cover voluntary work. Further the Victorian School system doesn't allow work experience to be taken over summer holiday break, work experience must be scheduled in one of the mid term breaks.