How it Works

How it works

We offer access to our Water Treadmill, Dry Treadmill, Chill Spa & Solarium for fitness use on a casual or full service basis. Each modality offers its own benefits as part of a balanced fitness and athlete recovery program and of course we are able to offer each area as part of our wider services too. Many clients choose to have horses part ridden and part Water Treadmill conditioned whilst here and many of our agisters take advantage of these services too. We also have casual use packages for local customers.  

Water Treadmill Fitness

Using variable depths of water to both increase resistance and reduce or increase concussion as required, we develop a bespoke conditioning program to increase fitness, improve muscle tone and develop topline. Capitalising on the healing benefits of joint encapsulation in water this modality keeps horses mobile in all-weather conditions and in a controlled environment. Key benefits include increase in suspension and stride length, improved strength in topline and core muscles, improved straightness and balance. Some of our most common feedback includes horses that are more willing to move forward, cleaner flying changes, better collected work and increased ability to work in balanced straight lines. our fitness programs are all based on current research and supported by our Allied Health Team. 


Our 360 Degree Epsom Salt Chill Spa is the perfect recovery modality particularly for horses who may have arthritis, injury history,  flat feet, a laminitis history  or horses who have been worked on unfavorable going, often unavoidable in the summer months. In conjunction with this we utilise our Equine Solarium to improve muscle recovery and blood flow. 

We offer a recovery package on selected 'Magic Mondays' or by appointment which incorporates 15 minutes of dry walking, 15 minutes of spa therapy and 15 minutes of solarium therapy. All our Eventing horses enjoy this recovery after a competition or a gallop session and the results have been staggering. Each horse has stayed sounder for longer, rebounded faster from each competition and needed less spelling due to fatigue.

Scroll down for more information about our Chill Spa and Solarium. 


We prefer to be transparent about our pricing. See here for a full price list for key services, rehabilitation and extra services.   

check out out spa and treadmill for recovery support. Magic monday 

Fitness & Conditioning Support


360 Degree Epsom Salt Chill Spa

Research shows Chill Spa use can decrease injury recovery time by up to 60%; markedly improve fiber realignment; enable return to competition work quicker and reduce the need for drug therapy*.

Simulating the same process as beach-recovery sessions athletes undergo, our 360 degree Epsom Salt Chill Spa recreates the benefits of the ocean in the safest environment. Spa jets re-oxygenate lower limbs through massage, increasing blood flow for natural repair of soft tissue injury, splints and bone fractures. The gentle massaging effect, along with the increased oxygenation has also been linked to improvements in hoof growth, bruises, synovitis, arthritis and laminitis. Icy cold water assists vascular constriction, helping to flush lactic acid from tissue – reducing swelling and tissue breakdown, and inhibiting enzyme degeneration of tendons after damage. This catalyses the healing process, reducing muscle soreness and improving muscular function and power.

Water is kept at a consistent temperature of 7 degrees however can be chilled as low as 2 degrees. Our water is managed using a combination of several stages of filtration, salt, magnesium (Epsom salts) and temperature. No chemicals (i.e. chlorine) are used to manage our water ensuring healthy skin and hooves and of course we see the benefits of magnesium for soft tissue recovery in every session.

*Hunt, E. (2001). Response of twenty-seven horses with lower leg injuries to cold spa bath hydrotherapy. Journal of Equine Veterinary Science, 21(4), pp.188-193. 


Equine Solarium

 Equine solariums produce short-wave infrared heat. The same heat produced by the sun with the benefit of Vitamin D3 but without the harmful UV rays. Vitamin D3, is vital in the absorption of calcium & phosphorus, the building blocks of strong & healthy bones. 

 Infrared heat increases the metabolic activity of cells resulting in capillary dilation. This in turn increases blood flow through the body bringing oxygen & nutrients to the cells particularly in the superficial muscles of the horse. This increased circulation also improves muscle elasticity, recovery and health, which helps in the reduction of injuries & speeds up the recovery process. 

The lights can help to encourage the natural healing process for the likes of abrasions, muscle injury, sore backs or saddle soreness, improve coat condition, reduce tension and induce rapid relaxation.  In addition, infrared light has been shown to stimulate the immune system and provide Vitamin D3, which is vital in the absorption of calcium & phosphorus, the building blocks of strong & healthy bones.


  • Increases circulation and cellular metabolism, immune system and blood supply
  • Increased blood flow to superficial muscles and skin therefore promoting a healthier and shiner coat
  • Warming up muscles, particularly good for horses prone to tying-up or back pain. 
  • Drying in winter, leading to less skin conditions.
  • Promotes relaxation and recovery

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